Global leaders in the event industry with their award-winning services in event management and marketing. Supporting organisers, exhibitors and visitors since 1939.


Blitz, a GES Company

Blitz, is one of the worlds leading AV suppliers. As well as corporate events, they have also a renewed presence in theatre serving ‘Phantom of the Opera’ for over 25 years.

D2i systems

D2i are a specialist software company delivering solutions solely to the event industry, and have been delivering end-to-end solutions to some of the largest event companies in the industry.



Evolution Dome are an international leading supplier of award winning inflatable structures, perfect for any outdoor event, conference, exhibition or product launch.


ExpoPlatform is the ultimate event management tool providing organisers with one platform to manage their website, mobile app, networking platform and even event logistics. 



Award-winning event technology company Gleanin, is a referral marketing platform which helps exhibition organisers harness power of influence and advocacy of registrants and exhibitors through social referrals and social network connections.

Lineup Ninja

Lineup Ninja are an event tech company that offers a platform for event organisers to save time and effort when piecing together seminars, conferences and much more.



For many years, Visit has offered measurement and lead generation tools to organisers and their exhibitors, now, they are first to market with the tools to enable organisers to empower their visitors to take control of their experience at an event.