52eight3’s Top Tips for Entering Awards

Have you been tasked with entering your company into awards this year? Haven’t a clue where to start and worry it’s too much of an effort? This year’s Event Technology Awards opened this week and here at 52eight3 we thought it would be the ideal time to share some top tips on awards submissions. There really is so much value in entering, so don’t be deterred by the application process.

Why should I enter ETAs?

There are so many reasons to enter awards that are relevant to your business, team, a piece of work you’ve created or an event you’ve held. Firstly, it’s a great booster for staff morale and gaining the recognition you deserve as a company and/or individual. Just think of that sense of achievement if you win?

Secondly, it can only be a bonus for business – attending the awards ceremony itself will get you in front of potential new clients, and if you win, it’s the best accolade to add to your marketing communications, social media and future pitches.

Pick the right award

The first thing to do is to ensure you have read the criteria for the award(s) you are entering, making sure your company is the right fit for that specific award. Also, be sure to note the closing dates and plan ahead so you’re not rushing the entry at the last minute!

Teamwork is key

Now you’ve decided on which award you’re going for it’s time to gather all the details you need to create a dazzling and award-worthy submission. Utilise relevant staff members who can share their knowledge on a particular project - for example if you’re submitting for ‘Best event management platform’ make sure your tech-savvy team are on hand to help get across exactly why you are the best. If the entry calls for examples of why, explain simply what the targets were, how it was executed and what you achieved.

Don’t confuse things

It may seem a simple thing, but the judges are looking for clear entries, and not baffling jargon. Explain exactly what your company is and does, how you do what you do, with real examples of your tech in action and statistics on how improved the event – this is the best way to ensure your entry is noticed and gives  the best chance of getting an award. If you can show real results from a project, then make sure you shout about it!


Write it and read it again, and again!

As already mentioned, you need to tell the story of why you are the cream of the crop. The judges will likely have to go through hundreds of entries, so it’s imperative yours stands out  with clear and concise points, as well as looking professional.

Do you have a good copy writer to hand or someone who is a stickler for grammar? Get them to proof read the entry as they will no doubt be the best person to find any errors or make suggestions on how to improve anything.


Need a little bit of help with a submission? Feel free to get in touch with us at katie@52eight3.com.

And lastly, good luck!