Expert Views: Where will the industry be in five years?

What will have the biggest impact on the event tech industry in the next five years?

We asked some of industry friends (and also chimed in ourselves) to take out their crystal ball and tell us what changes or challenges the event world will face. From automation to customer expectation, one thing is clear, it’s an exciting and ever-changing time in the world of event tech…


Claudio M Camocho, head of marketing, Brella

I think Virtual Reality (VR) is going to change a lot of things because it will make events happen at any place, so I could go to Confex in my living room or I can be in the Bahamas on a beach and just put on my VR headset.

I would also say that I think event organisers are looking at different ways of measuring data such as enhancing the data from all the human interactions happening at an event and use the analytics to forecast what’s going to happen to the event in the next year.


Adam Parry, editor, Event Industry News

I think the biggest change we are going to see in the next five years in the events industry is actually automation. From workflow automation to simplifying how we design, build and plan events and also what we see on the show floor. I think there will be a lot of automation in building events.


Katie Crocombe, director, 52eight3

I think the biggest impact on the events industry in the next five years will be the change in customer expectations. In the real world they have a seamless integrated experience whether its shopping on eBay or Amazon or getting flights and we are going to need to replicate that in our own events – from having integrated technology, to having a wow factor at events and really want to make the impact so they come back time and time again.


Tom Dally, marketing manager, Glisser

The introduction of 5G at events will have a huge impact on the future. What does this mean for event planners? Well there’s a lot of talk about WiFi and how it’s either really expensive or difficult to source. The introduction of 5G will decrease any stresses of having to source great WiFi at events. So, what does it mean for the actual content? It will likely see an increase in visual content and live streaming will also boost audience engagement and participation so it’s really exciting times for event tech.


Pascal Lagadec, VP of sales and development, Field Drive

We believe that what’s really going to be changing in the events space over the next five years is the use and introduction of facial recognition services at events, whether at tradeshows, conferences or corporate meetings of all kind. The benefit of being able to use facial recognitions is that events are more secure, they make for faster access at venues and most importantly provide for a much more memorable and personal experience at events going forward.

Mykyta Fastovets, CTO, ExpoPlatform

The biggest trend is going to be personalisation - the personalisation of content and making sure that the content caters to the visitors, delegates and exhibitors of events. I think that’s all going to be based on A.I algorithms that are going to be able to collect data on how we interact with each other, how we interact with objects, how we answer registration questions (if we still answer registration questions!) and bringing it together to create a picture of what we need and what we want.

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