Doing the basics better

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Can you believe it’s February already! For those event marketers with events in the Autumn, you’re probably in the midst of setting your 2019 visitor acquisition strategy. If your event is imminent, you’re probably looking at a to-do list longer than a Fyre Festival’s Logistics Manager.

It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race, but it pays to slow down and make sure you’re following some clear and simple steps.

Here’s a friendly reminder of the basics to help maximise your campaigns and make sure 2019 is your most successful events year.

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Champagne life-style on a lemonade budget

Are you spending £££’s on a top named PR agency?

If you don’t have a clear story to tell, expensive PR is just money down the drain. Spending a fortune on a PR company to try and turn your dying brand into the next best thing will lead to unmanaged visitor expectations and a bad visitor retention for your next event.

If you’re going through an event crisis, you’ll need an expert in the industry to help you make quick decisions and get results, fast.  Find a hardworking PR company that can open doors and get you in front of buyers. Review your PR brief and make sure you use the agency time effectively.

Not got tonnes of cash to spend on PR? Hire a freelance copywriter who can help you nail your news announcements and maximise your existing media partners.

Top class tap time

2019 is the time to stop hiding behind to-do lists and admin tasks and start getting out in the industry. Make the time in your schedule to get out of the office. You’ll gain more insight and learn far more by having meetings with exhibitors, visitors and influencers than you seventh marketing ‘catch-up’ of the week.   

Need some event marketing inspiration? Why not attend International Confex or EventIt?

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Communicate clearly

 Did you know than more than 77,000 YouTube videos are uploaded and 2.7 million emails are sent every second? There’s a lot of noise out there – so your comms need to get to the point.

All too often we use convoluted jargon on show websites, and potential visitors and exhibitors are left baffled wondering if it’s right for their business.  If you’re launching an event, it’s even more important to get it right.

A good tip is to ask your industry connections for their thoughts on your website, especially if they have little or no knowledge of the industry. If they get it, you’re doing something right!


Sales isn’t just for the sales team

Traditionally, marketing teams aren’t given commission on sales but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be active in your commercial campaigns.

Check your website analytics and I bet you’ll see that your ‘Exhibitor List’ page is the second (or sometimes third depending on how hard you’ve hidden it) most visited page on your website. There’s a reason – exhibitors do matter.

Invest time with your sales team. Become commercially driven. Share show information in digestible formats for them to forward to clients, give them social banners and help them with their communications.  I’ve never met a sales person who wasn’t grateful from a hand from their marketing team.


Be kind, rewind

2019 is the year to be customer-centric. If you are bombarded with questions from your attendees your first thought should be “What have we not communicated properly?”.

Make sure your exhibitor manuals are clear and easy-to-use. Select a platform provider that integrates easily with other suppliers making the process as straightforward for exhibitors as possible.

Be proactive. You’ll be surprised at how far friendly contact and good customer service goes; they’ll be more likely to engage fully with the show and rebook.


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