The Brexit Effect: Is it Good or Bad for Business?

So, just what is happening with Brexit and how will it affect our industry?

It’s the question that we cannot escape – and probably won’t for the foreseeable future - so we might as well face it head on.

There is an element of uncertainty in the industry right now, that’s something we do know.

M&IT Magazine recently shared the results of its British Meetings and Events Industry Survey (BMEIS) which found that many of the event organisers questioned said they didn’t know if Brexit would have an impact on the volume or nature of their events.

While there is confusion, there are also some positives to take from the current political quandary we find ourselves in as a nation. The BMEIS results also showed that delegate numbers were up significantly across the corporate and association sectors. This shows that despite Brexit, or other political turbulence for that matter, we are a robust industry and we can always put on a good and successful show when needs must – and delegates ARE attending.

At any given trade show for example, organisers will already have next year’s event in the diary when they are breaking down from the current show, and most are thinking about how to better their stand, gain new business and so on. Major events and trade shows are always going to bring together like-minded people, so it’s key that this continues.

The British events industry is full of creative professionals, who do business with clients across the globe, and there is no sign of stopping.

The success is however all down to carefully considered planning (something event professionals can do in their sleep, of course). We must ensure that the content for seminars, guest speakers and educational programmes are tailored to include elements of the current climate – not ignore them. We can discuss the issues and find some positive outcomes to help each other out.

There are also still ample opportunities to work with companies outside of the EU; we know some of our clients are expanding to work with US-based businesses and the future looks ever so bright.

Brexit D-Day is less than two months away, but we are not expected to know the full impact for a while, so go forth, plan and embrace your current business!