Take to the stage...

Speaking at an event is a fantastic way of getting you and your company ‘out there’ and presenting yourselves as a company who knows what they are talking about.

Get some great airtime and put your company in front of new potential customers. 

Here are some of our top tips on how to make your presentation go off with a positive bang!

Know your audience

Start by taking time to understand the profile and level of expertise of your audience.

I once had the pain of experiencing a toe-curling presentation from a junior product sales manager who spent ten minutes defining SSO to a room full of senior high-level IT experts!

Don’t be THAT guy. Organisers of the event can give you a detailed understanding of who is likely to be in the audience, and may even be able to provide you a sample list of previous attendees to help you steer your presentation in the right direction.

On the day, kick off your presentation by asking some profile questions to the audience to help you be 100% sure that your session tone is right. Just be ready to adjust your presentation language accordingly!

Back up your ideas with facts

"They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel."  Carl W. Buechner

Don’t be the Donald Trump of the conference! Opinions are great but if unfounded and factitious can seem arrogant and may instantly turn off an audience.

The impact of tech facts can wow and amaze an audience (especially when supported by a lovely visual infographic). They can also help keep an audience’s attention throughout the presentation. For event organisers, stick to facts on the impact of technology and how to generate a better ROI for their exhibitors and sponsors OR EVEN BETTER how they can attract a bigger visitor audience to their show. 

You are not on QVC

Although it is now a cliché, in 2018 content is still king. Make sure your presentation gives the audience an educational experience and doesn’t become just another sales pitch.

Remember, you are there to present your company brand not pitch individual products. Any hint of a sales pitch will make audiences switch off or even leave.

Get a little help from your friends

Event tech is a collaborative industry and a panel discussion is a great way of giving your session additional kudos with a potential audience.

Whilst you might not get as much time in front of the microphone, you will create a dynamic and interesting session which will be much more likely to attract an audience.

Plus, you’ll benefit from potentially adding more attendees to your session through the networks of your panellists. Make sure you ask your panellists to invite their networks to your session before the event.

Have fun

"There are only two types of speakers in the world. 1. The nervous and 2. Liars" Mark Twain

It is important that you enjoy the experience. Being nervous is very natural but take a few deep breaths and try and turn any nerves you might have into positive energy.

Remember - Be passionate, be articulate but most importantly be human. Your audience will thank you and love you for it.

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Need a hand with the pitch? Give us a shout and we can help you put together a killer submission.