For tech's sake: how to make sure your event tech is an asset, not a PR disaster

While we were delighted to see #eventtech splashed all over the national newspapers as a reaction to this weekend’s Conservative Conference - we wish it had been for more positive reasons! 

We’re not politicians looking to laugh at a rival party, nor are we media moguls looking to jump on some clickbait so let’s rise above the noise and look at what we can learn from the Conservative Party’s tech hiccough.

1)    Define the purpose of your tech

It sounds so simple but in practice it’s amazing how many companies lose sight of the purpose of their event tech! You should always start with mapping out the visitor / exhibitor challenge you want to solve and understanding it fully.

If news outlets are to be believed, the organisers of the Conservative Conference wanted to make themselves seem trendier and to appeal to a younger voter. What they got instead was a PR nightmare when their app backfired!

2) Ditch the unnecessary data

In this GDPR world, we need to be conscious of what data we’re collecting. Put simply, the more data you have on an individual, the more of a risk you face. Consider what data you are collecting and why; if you don’t need it, don’t collect it!

3) Test, test and test again

You can never test your event tech too much so, if you are developing something specific, make sure you build in ample testing time. Be sure to test on site so you can troubleshoot simple issues that can easily tie your team in knots on the morning of your event.

4) Get another pair of eyes 

When possible, work with attendees on creating and testing your tech. Ideally, create a strong sample group who won’t be afraid to play around on the tech, attempt to break it and give you feedback. User testing is key to make sure your tech hits the mark and any issues can be solved before your event.

5) Choose your event partner wisely

Choose an event tech partner who truly gets your event and is keen to work through challenges together. While you can never guarantee an issue-free day, creating a strong partnership means you can troubleshoot before your event and also work together to resolve any quickly before they impact your attendees.

Our heart goes out to both CrowdComms and the Conservative Conference organisers. No matter what your political view, our industry colleagues have not had a good weekend.